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Father attempts to kill his four children for being albinos

For bringing shame to his family, a father of
nine in Kabale District has been accused by his
wife of attempting to kill four of their children.
Their crime – they were born albinos. The mother, Ms Medius Kyarisima, 50, says
she had no choice but to flee her marital home
in Kinyamari Butanda Sub-county and take
refuge at her mother’s place in the
neighbouring sub-county of Bufundi. “Last month, my husband Godfrey
Ndabahwerize threatened to kill our four
Albino children, saying they were a disgrace to
his family,” she said. “When I tried to reason
with him, he picked a panga and cut me on the
right side of my nose. I packed my belongings and those of my albino children and we went
to my mother’s place for refuge,” she adds. Mr Barnett Champion, the Butanda Sub-
county chairperson, who is privy to the
family’s misunderstandings, said Ms Kyarisima
complained to the authorities and they were
still looking for Mr Ndabahwerize. The sub-
county boss explained, however, that the husband may be having a mental disturbance. Ms Kyarisima’s anguish, however, is not just to sustain the four albino children; she has five others to take care of. She is now looking to
well-wishers for financial support to help her
raise her children. Ms Kyarisima prays that she raises money to
purchase land to grow food to feed the children
and be able to take them back to school. The
reporter failed to get Mr Ndabahwerize’s side
of the story because he was reported on the run
after local authorities began looking for him. On May 22, staff of the National Social
Security Fund Kabale branch led by the branch
manager, Mr Elvis Natukunda, visited the
albino children and their mother at Bushura village at their grandmother’s house. They donated some household items such as blankets, soap, utensils and
scholastic materials. Mr Natukunda said the plight of the children was brought to their attention by Mr Michael Sabiiti, the director
of Site for Community Services Project, a local NGO operating in Kigezi sub region. “We feel extremely touched by the current conditions you are living in. We also feel sorry that your husband
has turned violent against you and these children. We thank you for loving your children regardless of their
situation and I promise we shall always offer a helping hand every time resources are available,” Mr Natukunda
told the mother. People with albinism often have vision problems and are susceptible to sunburns and skin cancers if they do
not protect themselves from direct sunlight. The family may also need a cow to provide milk to boost the immunity of her children.
Mr Sabiiti said at least 25 albinos living in Kabale and Kisoro districts need special support from government
for their education as they are discriminated against by fellow children at school. He asked government to put a
sensitisation campaign on the rights of albino children in the country and especially to protect them from


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