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Father attempts to kill his four children for being albinos

For bringing shame to his family, a father of nine in Kabale District has been accused by his wife of attempting to kill four of their children. Their crime – they were born albinos. The mother, Ms Medius Kyarisima, 50, says she had no choice but to flee her marital home in Kinyamari Butanda Sub-county and take refuge at her mother’s place in the neighbouring sub-county of Bufundi. “Last month, my husband Godfrey Ndabahwerize threatened to kill our four Albino children, saying they were a disgrace to his family,” she said. “When I tried to reason with him, he picked a panga and cut me on the right side of my nose. I packed my belongings and those of my albino children and we went to my mother’s place for refuge,” she adds. Mr Barnett Champion, the Butanda Sub- county chairperson, who is privy to the family’s misunderstandings, said Ms Kyarisima complained to the authorities and they were still looking for Mr Ndabahwerize. The sub- county boss explai